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I apologize for not seeing this sooner. On July 3rd the flies went out from Allyn, WA. As you can see USPS says they were delivered on July 5th at 9:14 AM. They were in a priority mail box with postage and label to get back to Spokane.

If you don't have them I'll call USPS and see what the H is going on.


Ok, got it worked out mail guy said he delivered them but they were sitting at the post office. I have all the flies packaged and will place them in the mail tomorrow. I am not the best photographer by any stretch, but I posted the photos in the galley. Sent Chris a couple PMs but never got a reply. Placed the photos under Fly Swaps 2013, hope that works.


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I have mine. They arrived very fast. Sorry meant to post, thanks gentleman they look great! Really some swell flies. Love the Boob's Banger, a little sketchy to Google image that one at work about a month ago though!


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