NFR want to get back into tying. what vise and picture for reference.

looking to get back into tying. i am wanting to know what is the best vice out there. not looking for a 1000 dollar vice but not a 50 dollar vice. if you guys could post picture and name and model of the recommended vices that would be great.

thank you and look forward to hear from you guys and gals


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After tying on a 50 dollar vise for a long time I had a bunch of gift certificates laying around and got one of these on sale for like 150 bucks.

I like it just fine, and it seems to do everything I need up to 2/0 stuff down to 16, I dont tie any smaller than that :p


Yup, Renzetti Traveler. It will do everything you want and you can always move up to the fancy expensive vises later.

Here's the clamp model. A base is available, which I recommend.

go to your local fly shop and sit down with their demo vises and give them a try


renzetti traveller

the pedestal or clamp version is an option to suit YOUR tying preference not ours
Not that I'm any good as a tier but I use a Renzetti Traveler, as well. It works well for flies from 6/0 down to what I can't see any more.


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Apparently a lot of Renzetti fans here. As the writer of a product review column I've had the opportunity to try out a lot of vises and the Peak Vise has always been one of my favorites. It's a sturdy, well-made tool at a reasonable price.

Another good choice is the Regal. Simple and a favorite of many for a long time. The one shown is a travel-kit model but the jaw design is the same throughout the line.

IMG_0274.JPG IMG_0562.JPG
im thinking the traveler seems to be the ticket. I use to be really good at tying when I was a kid. I guess we will see what I can do ten years later.


The vise I use the most is a Dyna-King Barracuda Jr. The reason I suggested the Renz Traveler is because it is less expensive and does everything the Dyna-King will do. I actually use the Traveler as my traveling vise (how odd). The Dyna-King is much more heavy duty and when you lock a hook in the jaws, it stays put. I also on a full size Barracuda but it's a tad large.

I've never tried a Peak vise before but it is also less expensive than the Dyna-King and if Preston recommends the product, that's good enough for me. It's about the same price as the Traveler so you can go either way.

I prefer a pedestal vise because I can position the tool where I want on a table, it also allows me to use my magnetic waste plate for catching the trimmings.

A number of my friends use Regal vises and are happy with the product. I'm just not keen on the location of the handle pivot and spring (it screws up fly photos :)).