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All books soft cover unless otherwise stated Prices are for pick up in Kent Des Moines area. Shipping is extra. Cash, trade or check.

The Classic Guide to Fly Fishing for Trout Charles Jardine hard cover and jacket $6

The Art of Fly Tying John van Vliet Hard Cover $5

Return to River Roderick Haig Brown 1982 print $10

Water Marked Journal of a Naked Fly Fisherman Robert Lyon $4

Bob Churchs Guide to New Fly Patterns $6

River Journal Green River Larry Tullis $5

Deschutes Dave Hughes sold

The Complete Book of Modern Flt Fishing Larry Saloman & Fly Fishing Digest Bill Wallace $5

Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple Skip Morris Casting and Fishing the Artificial Fly John Ball $6

Washington State Fishing Guide 5thedition and The Orvis Streamside Guide to Leaders and Knots plus Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing 3m $5. (These 3 books together, do not need to meet min order size to buy)

The Trout and The Fly Ray Ovington $5

The Inside on the Outdoors hard cover with jacket Enos Bradner $5

The last Cast Fishing Reminiscences Rafe Mair $4

Northwest Fly Patterns & Tying Guide $5

Western Trout Fly Tying Manual volume 2 Jack Dennis $7

Dave Whitlocks Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods $7

Fly-fishing Tactics on Small Streams Lou Stevens $8

Bud Lilly’s Guide to Fly Fishing the New West $5

Never Sniff a Gift Fish Patrick McManus hard back & cover $5

Fishing the Nymph Jim Quick 1960 hard cover no jacket $8

The River Why soft back readable copy heavy ear marks $3

Jack Hemingway Misadventures of a Fly Fisherman hardback with cover 1986 $8

Sort on cash I am also intrested in trades such as garden seeds, kerosene, hand tools, fresh honey, screws or nails other fly fishing books or any thing intresting.
Not open for further replies.

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