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Jay Allyn

The Poor-Student Fly Fisher
I'm planning a trip for a week to the great OP at the end of Augets this summer. SO I was wondering what flies/color/size to use for the low water conditions. PLan to fish for summer steelies, kings, and coho. I will be fishing all the rivers around Forks. Thanx for your information!



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It really depends what kind of fishing you prefer- all of the techniques that work in puget sound work there. speys, waking drys, nymphs, marabous, wet flies, take your pick, for the kings, orange marabou works well, and for coho, smaller sparser flys stripped will get you in the game. good luck

Jerry Daschofsky

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Are you only fishing in August? You have a variety of options, I try not to "label" as winterrun vs summerrun flies. But I do just like everyone else. I more play by water conditions. You can't go wrong with some skaters, muddlers, and nymph type patterns for steelhead. Leeches work great too. August is a bit late for decent springers, and early for the fall fish. You'll have a good shot at summerruns though. The above were all good.

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