Eastern Washington(really eastern)

Returned to my love of flyfishing and tying after years of absence. Can anyone give me any tips for flyfishing spots in eastern Washington? I mean really eastern-Spokane County, Stevens County, etc.
Thanks for your help. Just discovered this forum and love it.
Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

Try McDowell, North Silver, Amber(in decline but still good)and
and the Gillette chain out of Colville later on for cutts.
If you are in to lakes try Browns and the Skookums. The Spokane River is good later in the year--after the water drops. You are also only 1-3 hours away from great dfishing on the St. Joe, Couerdalene and all the rivers around Missoula. Tight lines :BIGSMILE

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
I second the Spokane River. I have picked up really nice browns out bu State-Line.

Hit the local fly shops, they won't give secrets but they will point you in the right direction. You might also consider a permit for the Coleville Reservation - $35, I think.

Keep us posted on your successes.
I live in Stevens count a few lakes that I fish are Wrigly Lake this lake has some big fish in it. In two trips I caught fish from 14 to 26 inches the big fish are brude stoch they are not good to eat but there very fun to catch. Last night it took me 20 minutes to land the big one. Baily lake has some good brook trout. If you want to get ahold of me if you come up this way just e-mail I am always going out on the weekends. [email protected]

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