NFR Belfair Crabbing

Taking the family over the 4th of July weekend over to the canal. We're staying on the canal side deep in to the Belfair area - super close to the State Park.

Anyone have any insight on the crabbing this far in to the canal? Where to go? I've read the crab population has taking a beating with the low oxygen levels in there.

Any insight would be appreciated. Cheers!
The areas where dungeness crab like hang out does not change a whole lot from year to year, so your best bet in figuring out where to go is to see where everyone else in crabbing, which will be clearly marked with everyone's white and red buoys. You will probably find them concentrated in areas off river mouths, stream mouths, and eelgrass beds in about 50 - 75 feet of water. Since you're going on the opener, I don't think you need to do much more than follow the crowd and use good bait.


the sultan of swing
As a former commercial fisherman that among other things crabbedI will tell you two thing that will insure good crabbing.
1. make sure your bait is the best you can get I.E. (fish heads,clam necks ,bottom fish carcases ) theres no beating good bait no matter how much competion there is around you.
2. this is a no brainer but people do it all the time, make sure your bait is NOT frozen. If your bait is frozen when you toss your trap overboard it will not emit a scent trail in the water until it thaws out (this could amount to number of hours in cold sea water) therefore you are not really fishing until the bait thaws out!!

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