Crackleback Situations


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Hey all,
As some of you have read, I recently fished Rattlesnake Lake, using a #14 yellow bodied and brown hackled Crackleback with definite success. At Rattlesnake, there were winged carpenter ants stuck in the film; however, there were also many other insects present during that evening hatch. The active fliers were #16 to #14 mayflies, as well as those nano-mayflies (tricos?). The other insects trapped in the film were bees. The trout were making both aggressive, slashing rises and gentler, sipping/gulping rises. My takes were of the latter kind. My fly was taken both riding high and stuck in the film. I'm still wondering what was eliciting the frenzied rises. What I'm wondering is in what other situations you found the Crackleback to be successful. I'm hoping to determine the best situations for the Crackleback and in what sizes and colors. Thanks all! :thumb
The Crackleback is a pattern designed by Ed Story of Feather-Craft, the catalog company out of Springfield, MO. I've used the pattern for several years in all the colors recommended by Ed (using his dyed turkey rounds) and have found it to be an excellent attractor/dry/wet nondescript pattern. I use in in sizes 14 and 16 most of the time with a few 18s thrown in for good measure. The pattern is available through Feather-Craft as are all the right materials. I tie it in PMD, BWO, Callibaetis and other colors with good results.

Les Johnson