g-loomis asventure 5 spool spring?

edit-So I can't spell. Meant adventure, not asventure reel. Doh.

So I bought a second spool for my g loomis 5wt reel. I'm left handed and wanted to reverse spool direction. So I started to take outside of spool apart(side with release lever). Quickly learned that I needed to take apart the inside apart to reverse spool direction. I've got the reversal part fixed, but when taking apart the outside a little wishbone shaped spring came out and I can't for the life of me figure out what position it goes back in. Tried to google a scematic, but didn't see any. Anyone have a pic , link or advice?

Old Man

Just an Old Man
It should only go in one of two ways. Play around with it until you get it figured out, I lost one of those springs. You need it or the reel wont work right. I had the same problem. But I muddled around and got it right the first time.

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