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I currently have an 8wt single hander with a iv sink tip line on it but I'm looking for more distance. Should i go straight to spey or go switch? and on the same note, looking to spend under 600 on the outfit total...so about 300-400 on rod, 100-150 reel, and 70-120 on line. What should I get? I'm mostly going for steelhead and coho in the fall on the puget sound rivers. I want to be able to get distance for big flies but also be able to throw indicator set ups. Also casting off beaches on whidbey island for pinks and coho. Should I go with a 6 or a 7wt? I NEED HELP


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You can get a complete outfit at Red's
ready to fish for 500.00. Or you call or email for a custom package with a different rod or reel or line set up.

A 6wt switch is equal to an 8wt or 9wt single handed rod and that is what we use in the classes at Red's so we have them ready to cast at all times for anyone that stops in. Prospectors cast very nice.

You have a bit of a problem on the lines, as a skagit head and T-11 tip will throw big flies get you the depth in rivers it will not nymph very well at all. A Scandi head in place of the skagit head and 40-50 grains lighter will skate flies on the surface and overhead cast better than the skagit, still not great nymphing.

The Ambush line in the package is a full line or head that is very close to a skagit and on the light side for overhead casting and is not perfect at swinging deep or nymphing but will do both fairly well. It does shoot line very nicely.

A Rio Switch line that is built for nymphing will do great job at long distance stack mending, will not swing deep or cast for any great distance is a full line and will need a spool.

A Rio Outbound in an 8wt would be Rio's choice for beaches and overhead and this is also a full line.

As everyone finds out as they enter the world of two handed casting you do not have one line that does it all the best. You end up with usually a running line and heads set up on one reel and a full line on separate spools for specifics.

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