Lum Plum

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
A Google search tells me is a fly that the Deschutes Angler in Maupin has cooked up. If you really want that fly, I would not worry about tying it, but just drop a little coin at the DA shop, then post its pattern here.

I see that some yarn is hard to get in order to make it, so the only choice is to buy it. is the page that talks about the Lum Plum.

Designed by Amy Randall-Hazel, the Rx to the best of my knowledge is;

HOOK - Salmon/Steelhead, up-turned loop eye
TAG - Chartreuse Floss
TAIL - Hot Orange Golden Pheasant Tippets
BODY - Plum-colored Yarn
RIB - Silver Oval Tinsel
Collar/Hackle - Purple-dyed Guinea
WING - Polar Bear, accented with a few strands of Silver Holographic Flashabou
HEAD - Purple thread

I tie a slightly 'dressier' version (Faux Lum Plum) of the L.P. with combination Orange G.P. Crest and Tippet Tail, an Ostrich Herl Butt, and "Plum" Iridescent Dubbing in the body. I also have the LP tied as a Tube Fly

If you'd like a macro (.jpg) of either dressing, just shoot me an e-mail ([email protected]) and I'll try to accomodate.


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