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Just an Old Man
I'm gonna be in the market for a net. I have a CnR net but the handle is way to short for me. It would be fine if I was standing in the water up to my waist. But where I fish the water is seldom that deep unless I'm standing in a pool. I have trouble bending over because of back problems. I need something that doesn't break the bank and has at least a three foot handle. Any Ideas out there. I could of used one like that yesterday.

Scott Salzer

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Orvis has a very nice one, of course. I prefer the rubber nets since the flies, even with the barb crimped, don't get caught in the fabric. I like the long handle for the pontoon boat.


Yup, if possible, go with a rubber or ghost net. One of my full wooden nets (custom made ) has a ghost bag and it works slick for C&R.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
After what I wrote I went to the Cabela's site and looked around. They have one that clasps down but with a mesh net. I don't want to be dragging something around all the time that is heavy, like the rubber one. You all have to remember I'm an old man and I'm not getting any younger. I try to get by as light as possible.

But thanks to all who gave me the time of day.

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