Your appearance matters to sea-run cutthroat and Delia slider squid pattern works

Your appearance matters to sea-run cutthroat. Recently I started shaving before each sea-run cutthroat trip and there has been a noticeable improvement in numbers and size of fish landed;) . Also I have started to "sweet talk" to the sea-run cutthroat and it appears that they like it and are more willing to "play";) . I am always trying to figure out the puzzles of successful sea-run cutthroat fishing. I think that I am onto some new approachs;).

The top water action for sea-run cutthroat usually starts to get good by the middle of June. I went out today and it was "game on". I fished a moderate ebb tide of approximately 9 foot exchange which are normally good since it is easy to find locations with optimum tidal current.

I used exclusively a Delia Slider Squid pattern with the largest landed fish(18 inches) shown in the photo. The Delia Slider pattern can be seen in front of the fish's mouth. The hook up ratio with this pattern was probably 25 to 30 %. Numerous small sea-run cutthroat and several 15 to 16 inch fish were also landed.

I only fished 6 locations since it was often a long boat ride between spots. I landed fish at 4 of those locations. The tidal current(1 1/2 to 2 1/2 mph.) and weather(light wind/overcast) were perfect at the locations.

It was a great/enjoyable day to be out on Puget Sound. Numerous raccoons were seen along one shoreline feasting on shell fish. Also, a dolphin might have been spotted.




Evan Virnoche

This is kinda like that winter steel vs summer steel holding oxygen fast riffle water. This may be an exception to the rule.

It is proven that men with beards do in fact catch more fish

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