15 days and a wake up! Washington Bound

Have posted before, transferring back to Washington for the USCG and count down begins. Next week is my relief week with new Engineering Petty Officer! These past four years went fast in Chicago and a lot has happened with work, friends and the death of a good friends son, which has really hit my family emotionally.

Dreaded moving out here to mid-west area leaving family and friends, but that is part of this job that everyone dislikes, moving every couple years. It was hard leaving family and friends then, but I knew I would be back. Now that I am leaving here and what has gone on, I am on a wave of emotions. Thanks for advancements in technology to be able to keep in contact with all my knew friends here in Chesterton Indiana!

I have been so blessed to work with so many great people at Station Calumet Harbor, the busiest CG Station on Lake Michigan. These fellow shipmates don't gripe, they just get the job done, work hard play hard! Being it was my fellow Chief's last day yesterday and mine next Friday, our CO stood us both up so the crew could present us with a token of their appreciation for what we have done for them. Since Nick just got a new Harley he was handed a gift card to Harley Davidson and I got one for Orvis. Talk about grown men crying!

Never in my 21 year career has a WHOLE unit ever touched me in a way that it has. Past units are more towards a certain people who worked hard, made the unit run top notch, then you had others who just sat back and fought everything we the command asked of them. Station Calumet Harbor is by far the best unit I have been apart of.

So, my count down till July 1st has begun. The day the trucks will be driven back across over 2,000 miles back home. July 8th, I report to the National Motor Life Boat School Standardization Team West, Ilwaco! A new beginning to my last leg of my career in the USCG. Soon, I hope to see again and meet new a bunch of you on the river. So, for any present Coastie's members on here, your EPO soon will be getting pre arrival emails for our visits. Well, I better get going to prep the house for the packers and movers 26-28th, the work begins.

Remember, if you hear the name of BRAVEHEART is here, come by for a toast of FIREBALL! and lets tell some stories. To my brother John and oldest daughter, I am coming home! Love You

William Wallace
Welcome home, William. When I first saw the "15 days and a wake up", I immediately thought I was in a time warp and you were headed back from the Nam, but since it is Chicago, the same kind of applies. "Keep your head down and watch your 6." :)
Well, just wanted to update!

3 days and a wake up and on the road back!!! Had my last day of work yesterday, think I gave a good speech. Had 1/2 the crew crying and the other half balling their eyes out. Hard to leave but onto bigger and better things!

Can't wait to get back and hit the rivers! First have to find a small studio for me in Ilwaco area for when I am at work. We have a house to rent in Graham for wife and daughter and me when I am not on the road. Going to be fun driving from Ilwaco to Graham on weekends but it is not bad. Done it many times before.

So soon hope to see you all out on the river and meet a few new more wonderful people. Now back to cleaning house so the landlord can do a walk around!


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