Sage new saltwater rod

Oh, CRAP! What am I going to do with the RPLXi's, Xi2's, and the new Xi3 I just bought? Anyone want them? They were good in their day but now they are outdated. What a shame.:(

David Loy

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Steve, my father used to give me his old power tools, and thus create a need for a new one. I would be happy to store your out of date rods indefinitely in my crappy rod cubby. Just here to help.


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Relax Steve..this is a 2nd tier saltwater specialty rod, not meant to bump the Xi3. And I kinda like a few of those RPLXi sticks still!
Actually, I have a new Xi3 12 wt. and a Tibor Signature to match that haven't seen the water yet. However, in a week, I'll be flying to Loreto to test them out on some big dorado and roosterfish. If I'm lucky, I'll find a sailfish or marlin. You'll have to wait a week or more for the delivery of my outdated rods but if they prove satisfactory, I may keep them around as back-ups to my New Method rods.:rolleyes:

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