NFR Burkheimer spey talk and pictures.

I met Kerry at the Sandy river speyclave a few years ago, really nice guy and a great crew.
I hope the company goes from strength to strength, it is really important to have companies like Burkheimer around for future development and quality fly fishing tackle.
The fly fishing market is struggling a little right now with many marketing companies going to the wall, Hardy/Greys just sold and Loop selling 75% to an investment company, Sceirra, Snowbee and many others falling off the chart here in the UK, but these are marketing companies that really make nothing, just ship it in and ship them out from the far east, so support Kerry if you can and keep a quality product going.
Cheers Gordon.
DTX Pro Staff.
Not sure who as bought them over as yet, as they just got someone to buy the company a couple of weeks ago, and I have not heard as yet.
I think they paid off around 20 staff at the factory and office, but i'm sure it will be business as usual for them, others will disappear for good and some are gone already.
Cheers Gordon
DTX Pro Staff.
This is why we need to keep guys like Kerry and the crew alive. I want them to be around when my kids are grown. Both my kids already love to fly fish and the are only 5. That's when I started and I haven't put it down sense then
alright I am a burkheimer nut now. I think im gonna buy a seven weight for nymphing steelhead and trout. that means I now need a hatch 7 plus. good god this is getting expensive quick. oh well if I dont spend my money who will.

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