Tyler Shrimp?

Does anyone have information on the genesis of the Tyler Shrimp? The pattern is going into our "Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon " update but I cannot find out who Tyler is. Any clues will be appriated. Thanks.

Les Johnson
Hi Les...I seem to remember Gary Sandstrom saying something about that fly years ago when I started casting to pods of silvers in the south sound. Maybe he has some info that could help you.

I also remember that Gary was excited when Bruce agreed to put his own shrimp pattern in the last edition of your book...a fly that I had a part in creating!

Good luck!


AKA: Gregory Mine
Tyler is a very good dear freind of mine. The boy can fish like no other I have yet to see. He works out of the Michael and Young shop in Vancouver. I'll get ahold of him and tell him whats going on if you would like...
Please do contact Tyler for me

Please do contact Tyler for me. The genesis of his fly and some other details should be in the Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon update. He can contact me through my e-mail address.
[email protected]hanks.


AKA: Gregory Mine
Please do contact Tyler for me


Couldnt get ahold of him on the phone so I sent him an email with your address and whats going on. He should be getting ahold of you in the next few days. Hey, its snowing in south Auburn ?!?!?!?!?!?!:thumb

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