pacific northwest fly patterns

Is there a chance anyone out there has a copy of pacific northwest fly patterns by roy patrick I got one a few years ago at a library book sale and its missing page 10 the flies that are listed in the index are grub nymph, halfback,helgramite, helgramite nymph, and hendrickson I'd like to get a copy of this page to complete my book but even the recipes would do I know I can probably get them from other books but I'd really like to have R.P.s versions
thanks sculpin

Matt Burke

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I remember I was twelve in the early seventies. Our family was camped out in our Open Road trailer at Yellowstone National Park. My dad had only one ticket to see Kurt Gowdy lecture on fly-fishing. He felt bad that I couldn't go so for the first time he left me alone with his fly tying kit. He handed me Roy Patrick's book and gave me several patterns he wanted tied before he got back. I was in heaven and I only had the recipes and this page out of the book to model my flies. I was alone with my dad's kit and I was in heaven.

Oh and by the way brother sculpin, check your email.


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