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I have a 9'6" 4/5wt switch rod in fiberglass and I am looking for a used Ambush 6wt line to try on it, to see if it works. If you have one you want to sell Please let me know. Thanks John


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Are you spey casting or overhead casting? If just overhead casting, carry on with your search. If you plan on spey casting, try to get your hands on an 8WT Ambush...somewhere around 300GR should make that switch rod sing.
Thanks for the info. I tried a 295 Elxer on it and it seemed way to heavy. This is a proto-type blank and I am not sure if the line rating is single or double hand rating. I tried a 5wt and 6wt over hand and felt O.K. 7wt was to heavy to me. But this is casting on grass. I am going to go out fishing Friday and will try it out. Thanks again John

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Airflo makes a 240 grain scandi compact that's casts amazing. You may be able to get one cheap since there is not a high demand for them. Also a 9.5ft switch is a hell of a short rod if it is indeed a switch.

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