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Just wondering what tint you guys prefer and if there's a brand you recommend. Bought a pair recently that I thought would work, but after several hours found to be uncomfortable in the extreme.
Overall, an amber lens is best. I buy cheap, because I'm always scathing them, breaking, them or losing them.

However, because I buy cheap, I buy two of each kind (amber and grey/smoke lens).
Maui jim has a yellow like tint made for overcast days that works pretty good. The only thing I have to compare them to is a pair of polarized oakleys that suck in comparison. Even with less of a tint the glare reduction is amazing. To be honest they where on sale and I needed some thing for bonefish other wise I would never of tried them.


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I had a pair of Smith Optics, guides choice in copper (glass lens)....was absolutely amazing as far as looking into the water....but.......they looked like crap on my fat head, so i sent them back, and had to go with a Costa green lens, glass...much better for my fat head, they work fantastic, but im sure the Smiths were better. if you have a a medium to small head, try out those Smith copper (glass) ya wont be disappointed.


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My favorites for general use and fishing are Edge Dakura polarized safety glasses that I get online from SafetyGlasses.com for $32.50 a pair. They come in several different tints and don't look bad, either. They have yellow, smoke, copper, blue and mirror polycarbonate lenses and they ARE scratch resistant! After repairing a minor frame crack I recently gave my son my oldest pair purchased in 2006. They had one small mark on one lens, but were otherwise completely useable.
Make a mistake when pitching a heavy clouser on a big hook and the safety glass version can be priceless!

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I have tried many lenses and agree that amber is the best low to medium light color. However the pair I have (from Smith) fit tightly and fog up. I use anti fog but they still fog a bit and honestly, I find the amber to be an obnoxious color. My favorite lenses are Maui Jim's rose however I now find glass lenses too heavy and they often slide down my nose. Now for general use I've been using some of the $50 (@REI) Sunclouds or another brand too. I just look for the lightest color lens and they are very comfortable. They are acrylic but don't seem to scratch as much as plastics used to. I have often thought though that for low light conditions a simple pair of clear safety glasses would be a good choice, as eye protection.

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Overall, an amber lens is best. I buy cheap, because I'm always scathing them, breaking, them or losing them.

However, because I buy cheap, I buy two of each kind (amber and grey/smoke lens).
I'm like Dave here. I have to wear fit overs because of wearing glasses. I have two sets of Cocoons. One is amber and the other is also, just lighter is shade.


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My girlfriend bought me a pair of Costa's for my birthday. Silver Mirror tint in their 580g glass lenses. Built like a tank and the clarity over my old Smith polarized lenses is night and day. I find myself wearing them at dusk well after I shouldn't be able to see anymore.


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My favorites are my Maui Jims because everything looks better through rose colored lens. Well that and because they are the lightest glasses I've ever worn, super comfortable even after a long day outdoors.

i was a smith guy for a long time, still am for goggles. ive had a pair of natives too. the most important thing you have to do is go to a store and try a bunch of pairs on... even the nicest pair in the world will suck if they dont fit well. my current pair are costas and at the end of a long day fishing i can tell a huge difference in lack of eye fatigue. i have the copper color lense, which seem much better than regular amber for contrasts. the costas cost quite a bit more than some other brands, but if you can swing it, they are worth it.
I don't think brand is as important as the tint. I like light brown/amber lenses, although the copper ones I have are pretty great too. I'd stay away from gray, green, blue, etc unless you are looking at blue water protection rather than sight fishing. The light amber/yellow lenses are great for low light conditions.....my $02.00

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