Olympic Reels

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Can anyone tell me about Olympic reels (Made in Japan)? When were they made? I wasn't able to find any info on them. Reason I ask is that I just picked up a brand new Olympic Model 440. Very similar to the Medalist reels and about the size of a Medalist 1495. From a distance, the stark white plastic parts make the reel look "cheesy" but upon close inspection it is actually a well made, decent reel. I like it a lot especially knowing I bought it for $16.
From the research I've done online, Olympic/Seiko made a ton for reels, many of them clones of popular reel models at the time. They made all of the Heddon, Daiwa, EC clones of Hardy reels and made a bunch of Pflueger clones too. From what I've heard they seem to perform decently and can be had at a pretty reasonable price. There is a lot of information on the fiberglass fly rod forum about various models as well.

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