Lots of 22LR available...


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The army is changing out its 5.56 supplys to the eco frieandly m855a1. I am sure the million rounds a rear requested is having a impact. But on the bright side m855 should be hitting shelfs in about 2 years.
More proof that our government knows how to waste millions of our tax dollars on a poor performing round. Those M855 will be shot out when they hit the shelfs from high pressure and barrel degradation.

But it's GREEN....:rolleyes: (costs lot of green...)

Jerry Daschofsky

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I found the reason there are no 22LR on the shelves...greedy bastards, plain and simple.

I usually hit Gunbroker.com every day because I'm looking for a 28 gauge SXS. So today I decided to check on 22LR ammo for a change. There are tens of thousands of rounds available. Lots of value packs even full cases of 5000+ rounds.

Here's the catch, a 525 Federal value pack for example used to sell for less than $20. Now you have to shell out closer to $100 for the same box.

It's terribly obvious to me that lots of folks bought cases of this stuff just to make huge profits off other shooters. I say stuff it up their asses. Don't by these inflated prices. Let their great inventory sit until the ammo shows up on the shelve of stores again. Then support the shops and buy from them, screw the gougers.

I'm putting most of my shooting on hold except for shotguns. I'm patient (and have lots of other chores) and will wait out the shortage before I pay these stupid prices.

I encourage you to go to GB and search "22LR" and see what I mean. There is no "shortage" at all.
I'm not sure it's gougers. Since it's so damned cheap, I always have TONS of cases laying around. I normally by 5 cases at a pop usually. Think i still have a good 10-15 cases here. Not hording, just when you start firing off 22's, it's easy to knock out a lot of them since they're so cheap. I'd say they're cashing in simply because they have the ammo and want to make some money on what they have stored. Like the people with dryfly necks during the hair thing.


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Jerry, it's good to have someone positive like you to balance an old misanthrope like me...but my research tells me I might be in the ten ring on this one.

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