Went out again today.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I made it out to my favorite little skinny water today. I was loaded up with Red Copper Johns. First cast I had a fish. About 12 ". I took it's picture and put it back. The picture doesn't do it justice. I continued to fish the "Cave hole" ( I will call it that because there is a big cave across the road from it). I got two more out of there and a few more hits. One more Cutt and one whitefish of about 16 or so inches. Boy, was the wind blowing. You would steel yourself against the wind and when there was a break in the wind you almost fell in the water.

I then moved down stream to the next big hole and proceeded to make a mess of things. Picture following. Got a few hits but no love. The wind was blowing harder down there. Said the hell with it and put my rods away and went farther down stream. Stopped down where the creek flattens out and watched the fish play. I got out a dry fly and decided to throw that around. It was a Quigily Cripple(thanks Doc Bob). Got one hit and he got the fly. Tied on a EHC(Doc Bob again). Caught one more fish. A small Cutt. Boy, was the wind really blowing the trees were bending down to about 60 degrees. I did catch myself in the back of the head and in my side. Thank goodness for pinched barbs.

Did I say the wind was blowing. The weather chased me away and it said go home. Got a few pictures of the sky.



Holly cow! You're using your camera :) Glad you got out and caught some fish. The wind is hardly ever the friend of flyfishers.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Nice report and pics, Jim! Well, outside of your second picture.

Damn, you have a vehicle with cruise and airbags???? :confused:

I always kinda pictured you driving a '47 Willys or an early '50s Chevy pickup! ;)

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I drive what I can afford. The sky was a nasty gray and black It kind of chased me out of there. I got that snarl before I even got in the water. The wind was nasty. It's a good thing the the sun was shining and half way warm out.

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