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I am leaving tonight with my two teenage boys to lake fish. They are decent lake fishers and can cast etc. I was going to go to blue in the sin (you can see nearby thread) but am now thinking about Chopaka.

Can anyone give me a recent report of what is hatching there and how it is fishing and the water temp and whether there will be any camping available friday morning?

Also, can anyone contrast what the experience might be at the two (blue in the sin- the one with the bows and browns and chopaka).

Feel free to PM me if you prefer.
You should be getting a nice damsel hatch and someleft over may flies. I am planning on going up next week, Can you please let me know hiow the mosquitoes are. Last year they were horrible this time of year.

Surface temp was 64.8 with damsels causing vacuum type rise forms. Perfect conditions with light rain and cool air temps in the 50s. Very sparse may fly hatch but still fairly productive because even the few duns were floating for a long time drying their wings. Don't forget "caddis" nymphs and fish where others don't. Pretty crowded for this time of year. A friend of mine is the caretaker for Chopaka. He tells me that he has to work Chopaka twice a week instead of the normal once to keep up with demands.


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Callibaetis mayfly hatches will be somewhat more than "left over", they will continue to emerge throughout the summer and into the fall. Callibaetis represent the most reliable, consistent and long-lasting of stillwater mayfly hatches. It is a pity that Chopaka's Callibaetis population still doesn't seem to have fully recovered from the last "rehab". Back in the day, emergences lasting several hours would seemingly have every fish in the lake up and feeding on top. That said, you can still count on finding some good topwater action nearly every day at some locations.

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