NFR Pre '64 Winchester model 70 stock restoration


aka Mtnwkr
1953 Winchester Model 70 Featherweight .308

This was my great grandfathers hunting rifle. The story goes that him and his brother bought matching M70's in '53 and my mother says she has a picture of them both with their new rifles somewhere. It's was carried a lot but not shot often, the bore was bright and shiny with strong rifling and the action was smooth and locked up tight(after a little dust removal). No rust or pitting but the blue is shined in the usual spots. At some point in time he decided to brush on a coat of varnish over the stock, but didn't remove the barrel so it was all over the receiver and barrel. Looked like crap with dents, scratches, stains and runs on the stock.
Since the original finish wasn't original anymore, I wasn't worried about decreasing the value by giving it a proper refinish. I also tracked down some period correct Weaver mounts, rings and a (slightly beat up) Weaver Marksman scope for it. Took it out after having it bore sighted and the first thee shots at ~75 yards were almost right on the money. This rifle has new life and I will cherish it until I'm ready to pass it down in the family.

Crappy before pic

After pics


Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Excellent restoration job! Shoot it at 100, and you should see the same grouping. Looks to me like it's sighted in for about 200yds, as in "dead on" at that distance. I assume you're shooting 120-130grain bullets?

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