Pattern A Sand Lance Pattern

This is my variation of Steve Farrar's Sand Eel Jiggy which is his variation of Bob Popovics' Jiggy.


Thread: Clear Mono
Hook: #2 Mustad 34007 bent 15-degrees at the foreward 1/3rd.
Cone Head: Small
Eyes: #2 Prismatic Stick-On
Body: White Super Hair
Body Flash: Mixed combination of Laserflash and Pearl Flashabou
Topping: "Baitfish" Angel Hair
Detailing: Black Waterproof Marker (Sharpie) to accent tail fin.
Cements: Devcon 5-Minute Epoxy (two applications ala Bob Popovics) for the head section of the fly. A VERY LIGHT application of Softex is applied with the fingers to the back 1/3rd of the fly after completion.


- This fly is tied in the "bend back" style enabling it to ride "hook point up."
- The small cone head provides the weight necessary for a darting/diving action.
- Shrouding the hook point makes the fly nearly weedless allowing it to be fished among eelgrass and kelp.
- Softex is applied (edit: to the rear 1/3rd of the fly) to maintain shape and facilitate depression of the materials over the hook point on the strike.



Thanks for the kind words.
I'm not familiar with Bruce Ferguson's pattern. Can you enlighten me further (e.g. recipe, photo/scan etc.?)