Need a line suggestion

Cole L

Fish Fiend
For the past week or so I've had my roof being rebuilt and in my stupidity I left the garage door open. The workers then proceeded to come in to my garage and steal my 8wt reel I use for salmon/steelhead. I've decided to buy a cheap cabelas reel to save money for a switch/spey outfit but in the meantime I need something that will hold me over until I can afford it. What should I get for a line for the rest of summer on the sky and other puget sound rivers?
Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I am not very knowledgeable on all of fly fishing equipment but I would suggest you stick with the Rio Mainstream if your on the cheap. I know pacific fly fishers has scientific anglers sharkskin on sale for only 39.00.
Hey Danielocean,

Thats actually a pretty spectacular deal. I've been wanting to try the line but the price has been a bit on the high side for my budget and with this deal I think I might be able to convince myself for the need of a new line.


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