Eastern WA lake temperatures


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Given the recent period of cool, cloudy, and often rainy weather in Eastern Washington, I thought water temperatures might be reasonable.

Lenice Lake yesterday, 9 AM surface temperature was 63 degrees. The inlet stream, checked in the afternoon, was 58.

The day stayed cloudy with occasional rain through early afternoon.

Fish in shallows were on damsel nymphs of all sizes, almost exclusively, except for the occasional snail and a few mayfly nymphs. A fish pulled up from deeper was full of Daphnia.


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Nice water temps. And with a 5 degree difference of top water temps and an inflow of 58 you can bet there is plenty of cold water under that higher surface temp.

Vladimir Steblina

Retired Forester...now fishing instead of working
After two weeks of cloudy and cool weather I headed up to Big Twin thinking the elevation and clouds would be enough to bring down water temperatures.

Water temp was 68 degrees.

AND it rained all day. I knew this would happen once we got a Congressman from western Washington and joined the coast.

JUNE 24th AND RAIN ALL DAY....what in the world??
Exactly, was at Davis which nearby and 1500 feet higher with a surface temp of 69 degrees. Water has a high specific heat value. But, like you I had my hopes up because of the miracle cool we have been experiencing. All that for not as 106 is predicted by Tuesday. As the song says, "see you in September".

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Hey Vladimir... I was one of the drowned rats(yellow shirt, Sage cap) taking out at Big Twin while you were putting in. Small world. We didn't take the temp, but the water did feel a tad warm, given the previous cool days. One of the fish I caught there was very nice, and it did take an extended effort to get him revitalized, but he did eventually take off like Mr. Snappy.:)

Vladimir Steblina

Retired Forester...now fishing instead of working
Well, I went out thinking I would get one of those "very nice" fish. However, we ended up with six apiece with the largest being 16 inches. I guess I should be happy it was not 19 inches.

The best catch of the day was the Halibut at Hank's Market for 7.99 lb. That got some brownie point from the wife.

Scott Salzer

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Sorry we didn't connect in Winthrop. (Had a great time at the MVFF BBQ - thanks for the hospitality!) Different weather the first part of the week. We left Winthrop and took a circuitous route to Dry Falls (Sun Lakes State Park.) Then, another less traveled path to Wenatchee, Confluence State Park.

This wasn't a fishing trip for me but rather a quality trip with the wife & cat - yes the cat has a leash and really enjoyed the rocks at Sun Lakes. Don't walk a cat if you expect to burn ANY calories.

I would recommend Highway 155 through the Colville Reservation - nice drive. Wilbur to Odessa - ????

Came back on Hwy. 2. Lotta

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