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Rick Sharp

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Not really liking the vest much anymore and never had much luck with waist packs either, I noticed Ovis has a sling pack and maybe that might fit the bill. However before dropping the 80 for the pack, which seems high but might be worth it, I am curious what others think or what do you use nowadays for light stream trips.

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I have the Orvis Sling Pac and love it.
I might have bought the larger Guide Sling Pack or the Patagucci Stealth Atom.
I sure don't miss my vest or chest pack.
Yes, it is a right-handed setup(sling it under your left arm)
I picked up my Orvis sling pack last summer and I'm loving it. Just big enough to hold all the essentials, without being bulky. I can wear it all day without any strain on my shoulders.
I have been using an Orvis sling pack for several years. I use it almost exclusively even though I have a nice vest and a waist bag. It carries everything I need and doesn't tire me out.
I will third
the Patagonia sling.
I have a Patagonia atom sling and it is super clean and well thought out. Availability may be difficult unless you order directly from patagonia.

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Hey Rick. I have the Orvis sling and I really like it a lot. I am a lefty too, and I have no issues with it. If I were to do it again, I would get the larger Guide model tho.

Thomas Williams

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I owned the patagonia sling atom pack and it wasnt big enough. Now I have the Orvis Guide Sling and love it! you wont beat it for fishing rivers. Great for spey fishing too keeps everything out of the way. Dont make the mistake of buying the smaller sling. Spring for the bigger one or you will regret it.
My wife laughs at my obsession with gear hauling paraphernalia. I have an Orvis Super Tac-L-Pac, Orvis Sling (original model), Filson chest pack, and recently got a waist pack from LL Bean. Got fed up with how tired I'd get lugging around all the vest would hold (not smart enough to leave a pocket empty - hell no). So went to the Filson and used that quite a bit, though it always seemed to be in the way when playing a fish. The sling is comfortable with a lot of freedom of movement (a lefty that fishes right handed) but I never got comfortable in getting the right arrangement of fly boxes to load it the way I wanted it. Finally, the waist pack isn't really doing the job and that seems to me more a function of the way this one is built rather than waist packs in general. The funny thing is by the end of the season I'm always going back to the vest. Everything is where I want it but I still haul too much in it. I'm probably happiest though when I am fishing from my kayak or pontoon with no gear aside from nipper, tippet and hemostats on my person. Everything else is in the cargo bags.

Oh, I got my first lanyard for my birthday and I'm liking that quite a bit. Don't know if I'll ever figure it out, but it is nice to have an assortment of carrying devices and going with whatever I feel like that day.

I ordered the orvis sling last night. Can't wait to try it out.

I got a Simms waist bag a month or so ago and I'm up in the air about it. This sling is hopefully what I'm looking for.

I didn't see the "guide" option on there site.?? Hope mines big enough.

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