Hawks Win!!!


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Awesome series for two of the original 6 NHL teams. Classic series that will go down in history. Great goal tending, overtime nail-biters, last minute scoring, big hits along the boards...a hockey fan can't ask for much more.

Rob Ast

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I was rooting for the Bruins, but it was a great series. Heartbreaking to go from forcing game seven to losing in a 15 second span with a minute and a half remaining.
The cup comes back to my town now for a second time- Brent Seabrook is a Tsawwassen kid who lives just up the hill from me, who graduated a year or two just ahead of me from highschool. I'm expecting him to get something named after him here eventually- he'as got a IIHF World Junior gold, an Olympic gold, and two Stanley Cups...

Evan Virnoche

im going to tonights game vs the cubs. By no means am I cubs fan but I am going to be fully decked out in all my blackhawks gear.

Now if only my other sea-Hawks would win a dam title this would complete me