Baitfish/Foodfish Fly Swap

Only 2 weeks away before the deadline.

I have received a few of our swappers flies. All had 18 flies included and they all looked awesome. I can't believe how good our fly tiers are in this swap.

My mom used to let me open one present a couple of days before Christmas just to keep me excited so I thought I would do the same for you guys. Here is my fly to all of you great folks who decided to participate in this swap.

As the days grow closer, I will be posting another fly until all 18 are in and the swap is closed.

I really hope everyone is still with us on this swap. I am getting a little nervous that maybe some of you might have decided to bail out. If so, please let me know now.

Otherwise, if each of you could give me some sort of status that would be great.

I am still waiting to hear from Sparse Gray Hackle by e-mail so I can send him my mailing address. Sparse, you in or out man? Whats up?

For those of you who are ready to mail yours out, by all means...send em to me and I will start jockying them to the proper packages.
I wasn't in the swap, but that fly looks pretty similar to one I recieved in the mail the other day! :) The flies you sent are awesome, thank you for trading with me. I hope you get a lot of use out of those hun skins! :beer2

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Wow, cool little fishy! Mine are in-progress, but thanks for the reminder. You'll have mine in time, but it'll be closer to the end. Normally I like to be in the "first ones done" group, but the holidays are having their way with my schedule...

You can be a fish recycler, too. Let 'em swim.
I'll be done this week and get them in the mail Thursday or so....had a tough time deciding what fly to tie due to the immense pressure here...


Troutman, I am sorry to announce that I will have to bail out of this swap. Something unexpected has come up and I will have no time to tie until after the first of the year.

Again I do apologize to all of the swappers and I will make it up to you guys on the next swap.

So in short I am pucking out due to other S&*#$%^ that I can't control!! It really sucks because from the pic I will be missing out on some really trouty flies.
I'll be mailing in this week my 18 flies. They are black matuka ties with a silver rib and guinea fowl beard. I would like them fished very slowly on the bottom with enough shot applied to have them hang up and just wiggle in the current. Think of them as worms. Chuck 'em in and wait. When you get a bite, set hook and hold on.
Bob, the I can't think of the name of this fly but it has one.:dunno
Okay! Great!

Bob is mailing his black wormfish.

Sparse and JabSeattle are out of the Swap. I will send you guys back the remainders. (unless I can just keep em:dunno )

Stay tuned for tomorrow's swap fly.......


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Mine will be "as on time as yours are" }( Im still in and no plans on plans on what to tie either?? Im vacation this week and next, working on the house mostly, but should definately have them done sometime by next week, or the following week, or maybe the week after next, or }(

~Patrick ><>
You should have received mine last week. I think I sent 20 (extras are for the swap meister). Thanks for putting this together. :thumb



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Fire, ready, unlike you. Regardless, I'm sure they will be great flies.
Mine are half done and this weekend I should finish...I hope. Looking forward to seeing the other patterns.


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My flies are done and ready to be sent.

What type of envelope do you normally ship them in?

I am sending a size 12 chub minnow that catches a lot of fish at Pass lake!
Dude, Troutman 101:

I sent you an email asking for your address. Apparently, you didn't get it. I need to tie 4 more and I'm done. So email me your address so I can send the flies. They'll be done by tomorrow night.

My email address is


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