Riffle Dancer?

Hey all,
Does anybody know where I can purchase a Steelhead dry fly called the "Riffle Dancer"?
I saw it in Trey Combs' "Steelhead Flyfishing" and having little luck with deerhair, I 'm hoping someone has a handfull for sale.
My focus for this years' summer Steelie run will be my surface presentations.
Thanks in advance,


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If you know the recipy I can tie you up a bunch and send them down there for abou 75 ¢ a fly
Tight Lines From Alaska


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I think Kaufmanns in Bellevue or Creekside in Issaquah has them.

I suck at tying with deer hair but tried to tie one of these. I think after a few attemps it would be pretty easy to tie.

Give it a shot though if the AK guy's ties are good you can't beat 75 cents for a fly

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