Antron or Polypropyline yarn where do you get it?

I need to pick up on some Antron or Polypropyline yarn in the following colors: White, Dragon fly blue or something close, Black, Red and Green. When I have been in fly fishing stores I have never noticed any. Tried Micheals and Jo Anne fabrics yesterday both looking on my own through out the stores and asking about. They had no idea what Antron or Polypropyline even is.
Where do you others pick up this yarn? I want to tie up some simple dragon fly patterns, some Mayfly patterns and some other flies I want to try this summer. But I am at a loss as to where to buy some. I would like to get in full yarn size rolls if possible.
So many patterns call for this yarn it can not be that hard to find.

Cabelas has both in a variety of colors.


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For boyant wingposts, I get it from the core of mylar tubing. The stuff works great for fluffy wings and accepts floatant like a semi takes disel.
Antron is available in different types. Yarn or dubbing?
Try Avid Angler in Lake Forest Park. I know they have some, if not all, of the colors you mentioned in Polypro. Swede's in Woodinville has a pretty good selection of Antron. If you don't want to drive that far, check out
Thank you for the places to try. Looked in the Cabela catolog last night they had all but the Blue. Will try some other fly shops when I am up North sometime.


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>I need to pick up on some Antron or Polypropyline yarn
>in the following colors: White, Dragon fly blue or
>something close, Black, Red and Green.

I've gotten them at fabric stores. All but the green. You need to ask for polypropylene macrame yarn. If they don't know what polypropylene is, just ask for macrame yarn and what colors they have. Odds are it will be what you want. Call before you go.
Try Hook and Hackle,, lots of colors to choose from and a 20% discount for on-line orders. Fast service too.

If your in the Tumwater area try Streamside Anglers, they have Antron spooled in lots of colors.

Usual disclaimers about both places, don't work there, etc....etc
Lee Clark, the inventor of Clarks Stonefly, sells a Poly Yarn in EVERY color of the rainbow - he's also written a marvelous book called "Tying with Poly Yarn".

If you'd like his phone number, drop me an e-mail at,

[email protected]

Thanks for the tip on looking for Macrame Yarn, Got a life time supply of each color for $9 per roll. Started using the white already for Wing post etc. Found the macrame yard at a little craft store on Kent East Hill area. Can not reamember the name. The Stuff works well for doing Parachute wing post by doing the post like you would for a twisted extended body. Makes the post nice and stiff while I add on the hackle then I clip off the top and the polypropylene untwist and looks like a standard wing post. Next I plan to do up some Dragon Fly Adults for Bass. That why I needed the Blue, Black and Green. I am thinking of doing Trico oversized wings with the white and twist the Blue, Black and Green together for the extended body. Might take me a little designing to get it just how I want. Hope to have some ready for this summers bass season.
Thank you again for the tip of looking for macrame yarn.


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I couldn't help notice that you live in Des Moines?
We have 22 colors of Antron yarn and 9 colors of Poly yarn.
Puget Sound Fly Company
25616 Pacific Hwy. S.
Kent Wa, 98032
"Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn" at most craft stores, in a ton of colors, cheap, cheap been using it for years, wing posts, bodies, I've got it right here in tan, use it for caddis bodies, white, for wing posts mostly, grey, I make the world's simplest midge with this, kind of a dark orange "crawdad" color, I make wolly bugger bodies from this, all good, did I say it was cheap??
Depending on your location, find a commercial fishing supply store, for example Seattle Marine or Lumni Fishery Supplies, ask them for a small piece of scrap cork line, the core of the line is very boyant and a few feet can last a lifetime...check it out
The material is usually white, but it can be colored depending on what your intentions are.
Where to get "Antron" in 40+ colors

Antron is Duponts name for trilobal nylon yarn. The easiest and least expensive place to get it is at Walmart in the craft department. It is called Needloft Plastic Yarn. It is available in many (40+) colors and is 25 cents for 10 yards. It is also available at Hobby Lobby but costs twice as much.

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