Has anyone experimented with hot glue guns


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I haven't myself, but saw a demo at the fly show last weekend. It is a great way to do egg (single or multiple eggs) patterns and you can get a variety of colors of glue.

I wish I could remember the name of the person who was working with the glue, but know he is a friend of Jack Cook through River Run Anglers on this site. He made them look easy, but I'm sure there would be some experimentation in getting things to look right.

Anyway, if you want more info you should contact them.



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I started doing the glue-egg thing two years ago and can verify that, with a little experimentation, they are easy to do.

Although I haven't caught a steelhead on one yet, I can verify that they catch white fish, dollys, and trout.

They really work the best while, and just after, salmon are spawning each year for the obvious reason.

I did a few egss - but directly on the hook and found that the gap closed too much by the egg....thinking now of doing them on a thin wire and them threading some stronger line through to make clusters, then tying that to the hook. Add a little spider web from halloween and it looks great.


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I have the one he tied up. I think that Foster was his last name. And I don't think that Jack is thru River Run Anglers any more. You need a good rotary vise to make it look good or else it is just a blob on the hook. I know I tried it the way with out the rotary and it was a big blob
WELL after a few attempts, I was able to put out a few bait fish patterns. They looked really good after adding eyes. Thanks for the suggestions.


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Uhm, the person demonstrating hot glue egg techniques and patterns at the Meydenbauer show was me.

With a little practice and patience, forming a glue gun egg is pretty darned easy. Gravity and the temperature of the glue itself* will do the work for you.

*The glue has to be HOT - and the only way to insure this, is to use a 'high-temp' glue gun. The low-temp models simply don't work.

While a rotary vise (like my NorVise) makes the job of forming the egg easier, it's not necessary. I've been able to spin a perfect little sphere using a Regal, and I've 'free handed' eggs, too.

The 'trick' lies in visually keeping the hook shank in the middle of the egg as you're 'spinning' it - on a sort of a 'center axis'. Remember the gravity part? When you place that 'blob' of (HOT) glue on your hook shank, it's going to naturally want to sag or drip on your tying desk, right? Rotate your hook shank until the 'blob' is on top again. As the glue starts to sag again, rotate your hook again. Keep repeating this process - and as the glue begins to cool, you'll notice that a perfectly round orb will almost form itself.

I know it sounds cliche', but if I can do it, anyone can!

If you have an interest in looking at a few proven patterns using glue gun 'eggs', check out the following link;


Oh yeah, I actually have a name, too!

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BTW - Yes, Jack Cook is a friend of mine and a fellow tying junkie, and while he's not with River Run in an 'official capacity', he can still be reached through steelheadanglers.com.