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Fishing a small c&r river/creek near Olympia the other day was great! This is the third time I've fished this river and to my surprise I haven't seen anyone else fishing. And yes I have checked the regs and made sure I was fishing legally. Most of the fish here are small and the bigger ones are around this size....

fish 1.jpg
So as I was fishing up stream I found a deep pool at the end of a long slow run that turned breifly into a short rapid and dumped into the pool. I tied on a long leader and a streamer and tossed it onto the far side of the pool and let the current swim it through the pool. Just as it was swinging up the other side I saw a flash and then a strong tug.! After a nice tussle I landed this beauty which is no monster but much bigger than any other I have caught here. Took a pick then quickly release to fight another day....
fish 2.jpg

I also caught many more cuts and bows on a parachute adams and a beetle pattern...
Gotta love Washington..!


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Yup. That's a lunker. A resident fish like that out of any PNW runoff stream is a rarity. Real pretty too with that crimson slash.

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