Another Black Heron Knox 2/0 XL DEE

Here's a Black Heron on a larger hook, had to tie and glue two BEP hackles together like I did on the Lady Caroline to get it long enough, it works but is kind of tricky. It gives it the fuller look of real heron.
I'm having fun tying these things right now....I love the classic's, hope you like it.....
Thanks Brian, I really appreciate you kind words. I know, that you know, how difficult they can be, I used to pull my hair out trying to get them mounted. I'm finally getting to the point I don't dread them any more but I can still mount them on one fly with no issues and then turn around and have lots of problems with the next one.

I think the main thing is you've got to use one's with enough grey root to actually form and bend, once you're in the mottled brown part it just wouldn't work, at least for me. Keep at it, you'll get them down.