Rogue River Flies

Bill Douglas

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The wife has tasked me to tie up some flies for the Father in Law's birthday gift. He lives down in Medford and primarily fishes the Rogue. Anyone fished it?? Anyone have some recommended patterns? Any help greatly appreciated.

steve s

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I lived on the Rogue for a year and fished and drifted it most every day. A few good steelhead flies for the Rogue are greenbutt skunks, tiger paws, october caddis, ugly bug nymphs in various colors, pheasant tails, egg patterns, and egg sucking leeches to name a few. Pretty basic patterns tied smaller than what you might use up here. Wet flies about a size 6 and nymphs sizes 6 & 8. Let me know if you need any of the recipes. Also check out, they have a few pics of some of the nymphs that are used.

steve s

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