Walkable river in Okanogan County near Osoyoos?

I'll be up near Osoyoos, WA for the next several days and I'm wondering if and where any of the nearby rivers have walkable sections to fly fish (I won't have a boat). The Kettle River is just a bit too far, so I'm hoping the Similkameen or Okanogan river would fit the bill. This is my first post here, so hopefully I'm in the right section.

Any help is much appreciated!
Probably not a lot of expertise on those streams on this forum, and those that have it are not likely to pass it out on a public forum. Also, most folks head that way to fish lakes, rather than moving water.

Since you are new here, there's a likelihood that you'll get flamed for even asking about such information. Don't let it bother you and please stick around; this site has a lot of great information and a lot of great participants.

My recommendation is to check the regs to make sure the streams you mention will be open and give 'em a try. Virtually any permanent stream will have fish in it. Dry flies should be the ticket this time of year.

Post a report when you get back. Let us know you found water to fish and a pick of a nice pool or pretty stretch of stream, but keep the details of the catching vague, and you'll fit right in here. If someone wants to know more, let them contact you using the "conversation" feature, to keep it off the publicly available forum.

Have fun!


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Let's split a few hairs here, Osoyoos is in Canada, Oroville is the Washington side. The Okanogan has some small mouth bass that can be fun. Hwy97 bridge the south end of town and south from there is open. There are several signs along 97 for public fishing access. The Similkameen is open except for 400 feet above and below Enloe dam. Release all trout on the Okanogan.
Well if want to split hairs then part of the Lake Osoyoos is in Washington
And their is some very nice SM Bass in the Okanogan and Big R is
A very good resource!
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Try Myers creek up in Chesaw at about 3,200 ft elevation and hopefully less than 95 degrees. Be very careful as there are lots of buzztails. Mostly very small brookies last time I fished it but very willing to take a dry fly or colorful but small streamer. Okanogan and Similkameen are still quite high and have come up probably one last time with the 100 degree heat we are experiencing.
So I ended up heading to the Similkameen, south of Nighthawk, to check the water level first hand. It was right around 5000cfs, so I could only walk a few feet in here and there. Would have been nice to have a spey rod. I did manage to catch a whitefish and a trout, both about 12 inches, using a beadhead stonefly. Next trip up I'll try and hit some of the other spots mentioned. And just an fyi, Big R has good prices on Buck's Bags pontoons. Roper, you are absolutely right - I should have said Oroville, WA. in my original post.


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Drew, we have a place 4 miles east of Oroville off the Chesaw Road. Next time you head up, let me know, we might be up there and we can meet/greet.


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Now I understand why Roper's avatar photo features a cowboy hat; he's from Chesaw. I happened by the 4th of July rodeo there some years ago. Nice country. Looks like B.C.


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Didja stop in the Chesaw Tavern...? Good cold beer on a hot 4th of July...

Actually I wear many hats, figuratively speaking and realistically...;)
I've had some good times fishing small creeks in the hills above Loomis. Lots of small rainbows and brookies and beautiful scenery. Kinda bummed my in-laws moved out of Loomis last year.