Steelhead trip


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Hi guys-

New to the forum. I currently live in Milwaukee WI and my family is looking for a place out in the Seattle area. Gonna be moving out there for work. We will be out in Seattle for a week around Oct. 17th and was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction for some Steelhead. I'm not asking for your honey hole, just an idea where to go. I'll be bringing my 8 wt along and a some of my flies. Is it worth getting a guide for a day or can I go and have some success by my self? Also i'm willing to drive a couple hours to get to a place to wet a line.Will an 8 wt be sufficient or do i need a spey rod? Any universal fly people use out there? My 8 wt is enough around here for Lake Michigan run Steelhead. Again I'm not expecting a ton of info from you guys considering i'm and outsider but soon to be Washingtonian! Thx!
I would look into hiring a guide and go chase summer runs. Dont expect any epic days out here though numbers wise. If you get one steelhead on the fly in a day that's a good day.


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If you'll be in Seattle, the Skykomish River is closest. Unfortunately the Sky tends to be a hard river to learn and be successful on. So if you want to fish the Sky, a guide would be a good investment. The next closest is the NF Stillaguamish. It's a pretty easy river to learn and to find access to along the highway that follows it. Other October steelhead rivers will be a longer drive, either to the Wenatchee (2.5 hr) or Methow (3.5 hr), if those rivers are open.

Your 8 wt is perfect. That time of year, fish a size 6 or 8 Green butt Skunk, Spade, Muddler Minnow, or skate an October caddis or similar.



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Thanks for the help guys. I guess i should start to look into getting a guide. Any particular one that you would recommend? Also, would I have more success if I didn't focus on steelhead at this time of year? I really don't care what I fish for as long as I'm catching some type of trout/salmon. Thanks again!