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Hello guys!

In last few years I have developed a Kalax flytesting device. It all started from my intrest to streamers and salmonflies and their behavior under water. I managed to get the device in excellent shape, water goes exactly the way I want. By the time I got the device working I found my self more and more tying flies...well I did that a lot few years ago when I didnt have the device even in my dreams, but now as I said I ty all the time...

Well, reason I decided to write here, was that, I would like to get an information and opinions from other flytyiers about this Kalax device,
( so far we manufactor very small quantitys), in northern europe flyfishers have told me that this is absolutely excellent device to on your desk, but what are opinions in UK.Usa,Europe !!!???

Please write your comments.


Toni Karhukorpi


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You have an interesting device. The world of flyfishing is ripe for new gagetry and you may find a willing market, in the USA.

After visiting your website...
I, respectfully, offer a suggestion.

Consider having all your english language sales materials written by someone who is not bilingual.
The phrasing and sentence structure of these materials might be better accepted and understood, in this country anyway, if you could do that.

If I were to try and format sales material from english to Finish (not likley!), as an example, I'm sure you would offer the same advice to me.

Best wishes, hope you sell a bunch of them.


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I guess alot of it depends on the price?? A device such as this would be kind of neat to have, but at the same time the water in the river and lakes is free to test your flies anytime you want. I couldnt give you a fair opinion until I saw the device in real life. If you want, you can send me one as a demo for a few weeks and I could show it to all my fly fishin buddies....then send you a detail analysis of my findings??? :dunno

~Patrick ><>
Seems like you can get the same effect with a clear pipe system with water from the tap turned on. Clear pipe made water tight from one of the hampster mazes for example. Two 90 deg elbow and a straight run should do it.
Still not as fun as testing in real life. Also no chance for a fish to really suprise you with a take while testing. Thanks for showing me but I think I will pass this toy up.


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Hi !

Thanks for your comments.

We have made about 50 different kind of prototypes in few years and I can tell you that its not quite simple to get water behave the way you want, and therefor you can´t be sure about your fly.

Naturally this is not a substitute to rivers and so on, but it´s not the point, the point is that you can see right away how your fly behaves under should you even try to use this fly in real.

Especially in places where you can not be fishing around the year (all waters are covered with ice!!!), this is quite nice thing to have on your desk.

Retail price in US will be around 200 usd. Unfortunately we don´t have Wholesaler in US so far, but if any of you could be able to help us with that, we would be very thankful. Please don´t be too hard on me about my english skills!!!

When you get yours for $30.00 I'll send you about 400 flies and you can give me written report on how each one acts in the water.I assume I would also get my flies back.

About the price, unfortunately with 20 usd you can barely get the power supplies, and that is just the beginning. And then ofcourse there are dealers who are not charity workers, and they have to make money too, so thats how the price goes...
Naturally you can order this product from our homepage in 160 euros, includin shipping, VAT, and all, and if there would be order for more than one piece, shipping costs would be lower.