Well, I am going to need a lot of advice and help

Naugas are a protected species here, Alex. That is not to say that I am above poaching for them, but being an almost honest person, I find it
disturbing to be sitting high in my apple tree, in my nauga blind, at the stroke of midnight with my 2,000,000 candle power flashlight and
awaiting the appearance of a miscreant nauga.

My neighbors find it even more disturbing.


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Us old people never tell lies. That's why we are so old. You have to be pure of heart to be old and still around. I was going to go fishing today but it was to damn hot out. 92 before noon. Maybe tomorrow.
Ummm...doesn't the old saying 'only the good die young' sorta contradict your theory?
Well, the dilemma is over!

Scrounging through my underwear drawer, I found a replacement vinyl fishing license cover. There are some cautionary issues however. This newer cover is in fact ORANGE! It is emblazoned with the name "SPORTEE''S" in rich, black script.

Now if I were a completely honest person, I would confess that this was probably part of a HUNTING license purchase at some distant time in the past. My first clue is that SPORTEE''S is no longer in business.I do not recall ever having purchased a fishing license there and the color scheme, is a dead giveaway.I am not certain about the ju ju but I suspect that the fish may ignore me, but I will be really big with the wildlife otherwise.
I don't know Charlie... sounds sketchy. They all might get the plunker vibe and hide under the nearest trash filled logjam. Then, only Boot will manage to catch em.
I am nothing, if I am not sketcHy, Jim.

There are a lot of old fishing stories about catching a boot with gear.
Perhaps I can tempt fate and tie a new fly pattern using old boot laces. Maybe call it the REDWING LAMENT.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Charlie, orange is where its at these days. My cheap vinyl fishing license wallet is orange, has the name "North American Hunting Club" circling a Bald Eagle that is holding a hunting rifle and a bow and some arrows in its claws, has the saying "Preserve Our Hunting Heritage" written underneath that, and on the back side, says "Made in China."

I got in in the mail for free, unsolicited! You can't buy 'em anywhere. You just have to wait patiently for one to show up. If you have bad fishing karma, then fuggettabouddit!

But if you haven't pissed off the fishing gods, then its well worth the wait.
This thing is oozing with juju.;)

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
OB, if you will send me some of your hand tied flies for inspection I will assay them to see if they can thwart the "missing green license holder" curse.

I do not have the green license holder and realize now I would be bored with all the fish I'd probably catch if I carried one.

Big E

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I hate to tell you this but they make more colors of duct tape than just gray now. You must not watch enough of the Red Green show. There may be time to save it yet and seal in all that good juju.

Do you know how to work a cell phone? I think you just might be a good friend for OMJ to call.

Well, my original assessment was correct. The ju ju is gone!
Seems that the manufacturer of the ORANGE folder was not
in sync with the orignial printer of the WDFW fishing license.
The case is too small to hold the fishing license, punch card,
list of river codes, Discover pass and WDFW access pass.

But Mrs. Olive, Bless her heart, came to the rescue with an old
plastic of some sort, perhaps vinyl, that will hold all but the Discover pass and the WDFW access pass. Since these will be assigned to my fishing vehicle anyway, I will just purchase a new and larger automobile to hold them.

This new cover is also a plain black wrapper. Not certain how that will set with the fish. Green is such a natural color, and the fish seemed to have overlook the red lettering emblazoned on the wrapper.
This may be the Harbinger of my fishing demise. I may have caught my last fish!