Leech Patterns

I have seen alot of posts for Lenore and RFC talking about leeche flies. Upon doing some research there are alot of different types and sizes to these flies. I have been tying for about a year now and am going to fish both of these places in April. Can someone suggest what type of leech pattern to tie and size. Thanks in advance for replies.



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a really really big fish would rather eat a really really big leech than your average 2-3 inch wooley bugger.

Marabou or bunny strips wrapped around a 2/0 double xlong hook.;-)

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With everybody talking about how big can you go with leeches. I would try a thin mint leech. It is a sparsley tied leech. And they do work.



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gold bead head
olive body/with black accents,,,some silver or gold highlighted tail sparkle
size 4 to 6
fish with ST III.

at main body of lake work your way to and back from the island (rock)...behind the rocks travel parrallel at a good clip.

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