They are out there...

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In all of the time I've spent in the woods, I've never seen a cougar. Bobcats, bears, fox, otters, sure, but I never saw a cougar. And you were able to get a photo, well done.
Seeing one is a good thing, at a distance.

It is the ones that a body doesn't see that could give you some
nightmares. Great picture.


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Great shot! I was once told by a group of park rangers that you'd be lucky to get four seconds to take a picture of a cat in the wild. In forty years of hiking several times a week, one had only seen the swish of a tail disappear into the woods. How long did it remain visible?
It was there at least two full minutes. I was down wind so it didn't notice me for a bit while it shook off and licked a paw. I froze for a while thinking "WTF do I do?" then it took me another 30 sec of so to get the phone out of my wader pocket. The cat noticed the movement and just stared at me another minute or so. He was probably thinking "Food?"... When I tried to get my big camera out of my pack, he didn't like it and slowly sauntered off into the woods. Never seemed scared of me in the least.

I usually fish 'til dusk then walk back in the dark but I left a little early this time. Gave him about 45min and then was very noisy walking out.


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This will be a good story to tell the grandkids someday. Course by then the story will have wings of its own. Did I ever tell you about the time........:-/

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