MA 9 report 7/5


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Hit a MA 9 beach this morning from 6:30 till 12:30. One bump and that was it.
Lots of bait, both sand lance and herring. Lots of salad as well from the morning minus tide.
Wish the cloud cover that was predicted had actually taken place. The day ended up hot and sunny.

Got to fish a new line that cast well and see a bunch of wildlife, so overall a nice day to work the kinks out for a new season.

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Stonefish, Glad your new line fished well. Good idea on getting some of the kinks out early this new season. I have a set-up that needs some "on the water" testing also. I need some warm-ups myself to be ready for the beaches again this year.:eek:

I have high expectations this year for my new Redington Torrent 7wt lined with a RIO Outbound Short "hover head". I hope those expectations pan-out. Your post has me anxious to get out there and get started again. I plan to expand my usual range and hit the ferry a few times this year as well. Hope to see you out there!

Bob Young

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Hi Greggor; I have been fishing an Outbound "Hover" for a couple of years and I really like it. BTW Rio now calls this line a "Slow Intermediate". Bob

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
That's encouraging to hear Bob! Right you are on the slow sinking head... RIO says: "A floating line with a 30ft ultra slow sinking "hover" head that sinks less than 1in per second - F/S1".

If nothing else, it will cut down on the number of sculpins and flounders I was getting with a type 3. Considering salmon have their eyes focused above them when feeding, no need to see any bottom dwellers to hand.;) I used to have to choose between a type 3 and a floater. I'm hoping that splitting the difference will be "just right" and in the zone.:)

I did some recon down at my local MA 9 beach today with my granddaughters. Lot's of salad, as Stonefish mentioned.:(

Jeff Dodd

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Talked with a neighbor of my parents yesterday. He just jigged up a 26.5 pound hatchery Chinook in Area 6. It was a slab, very nice fish.

Green/white dart on the east side of Protection Island.

Anyway, they are moving through!
Figured I'd just tag on to this report. Got out this morning to a MA 13 beach. Fished about 6-8 am. Great outgoing tide with a serious current--almost to the point where I could just swing flies through it.

Brought both the five weight and the seven weight. Had a few swirls on a popper, but mainly fell back on fishing the 7 weight with a larger, darker, flashy pattern that Stonefish posted in another thread. Had several hits/near hook-ups but nothing to hand. None of them felt too big, although the last brief hookup, whatever it was, stayed hunkered down rather than jumping straight out of the water--maybe something bigger? I don't know.

All in all a really nice morning to be out. First time I've gotten up that early for some fishing in a long time. I definitely struggled for about 10 minutes this morning just listening to the news on the alarm clock. Glad I got out though.