Pramathon 2013?


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Anyone interested in this? So many nice boats have appeared in the past couple of years, it would be nice to get a group of them together to compare notes and boats, burn some steaks, sip some ales and catch lots of fish. Ideally it would take place late in the season but before the opening of the deer season. After that campgrounds can get pretty crazy.

Maybe someone could step up to the plate and organize such an event, solicit opinions on location, date and bring a few of us pram owners together. I would like to see some of the superb craftsmanship up close and contrast it against my own SS Scrapwood for function and utility. We would all take home a few good ideas I'm sure.

Kick it around.



Indi "Ira" Jones
I would participate in a heart beat, although my pram is commercially made (Spring Creek Hopper II). Oh hell, I still qualify. I'd like to say a caffeinated place would work but that drink did not treat me well last fall maybe a parched spectacle instead that fished oh so well. Great camping there as well.


Indi "Ira" Jones
I'm a man without a pram so I guess that leaves me out... unless Ira will row me around in his.
You'll have to get in line behind troutpocket. Otherwise I'll motor you only if we can argue and talk politics :) Hell, I'm fairly sure I'll have a spare pram by then.
I might be interested. Just depends on when we are talking about. Got a new woody. Built by one of my fly club members. Still need to get some modifications done.
I might have a light weight 8' boat finished in time for such an event. I'm also thinking about building something with a pointy bow, but we'll see.


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No one has taken ownership of this yet and only one location has been suggested. I think Dry Falls is problematic for a couple of reasons. No camping at the lake and the road in is not that trailer friendly nor is there much parking. A lake like Lost Lake in Okonogan would be ideal because of the excellent camground and great fishing. There must be some other lakes with great campgrounds and good launches that would work. We need an organizer.

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Just an Old Man
How about Clark Canyon Reservoir. Lots of camping and if the wind comes up it will blow you off the surface. Lost lake is way to close to where you live.

This is all a joke. Nobody ever takes me seriously. Shit, my Arm hurts.

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