Report: Munn Lk.

fly punk

lunatic trout bum
Hit Munn Lake today. Got on the water at about 1:00ish. Wind was mellow and it was nice and overcast. Used a Six Pack at the far end of the lake, first fish was approx. a 5 pounder. Picked up two more in the 16 to 18 in range. Fish rolling all over the shallows but couldnt tell what they were feeding on and the Sixer was doing well enough. Lost two more one was a PIG! Saw him flash briefly before breaking me off. About 3pm, the sun broke and never got another hit for another two hours until i was feet from the boat launch when i stuck another in the 16 in range. Had the lake to myself for most of the day. All in all, not a bad day.

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