Extended Boot Life


Not to be confused with Freestone
Want to give a shout out to Pacific Boat Tops in Auburn, WA. Having pulled apart the upper part on one of my wading boots, my beloved Korker's of 7 years were on life support and I'm heading to MT mid week. The shoe repair place was closed for the holiday weekend to include Monday...what to do? Called a couple of boat canvas shops and the guy at Pacific Boat Tops said, sure, I think I can fix that for you. Sure enough, 15 minutes after arriving, my boot was repaired. I asked how much for the service and he said "nothing, don't worry about it". I offered again but he said no.

If anyone needs canvas/upholstery work on boats, campers, RV's etc., this shop sure had the set-up. While repairing a wading boot is hardly enough for me to rate their workmanship, there's a lot to be said from how a company treats customers... even a dude with a ripped wading boot!

I've love to find another pair of these boots in new or even good used condition, but size 14 are hard to come by. They are by far the most comfortable boots I've owned. With this repair, I'm hoping to squeeze out another 2-3 seasons.

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