Tying Bench Clean-up


Not to be confused with Freestone
Wow, that was seriously overdue. Following my last major sweep and clean, the bench simply follows the laws of entropy and becomes a myriad of crap and mini-piles, lying all over the place. When I can no longer stand it, I spend an hour sorting and sweeping... looks good now and reignites my fly tying jones.

But holy hell... when I begin to see the amount of stuff I have accumulated, I really begin to wonder if I'm saving any money tying my own patterns. Of course I know full well the answer to my own question since I also buy a lot of flies when I'm on trips. I suppose like many of you, I tie partly because I enjoy the craft and like making my own versions of basic patterns developed by the true artists amongst us, and partly because I convinced myself early on that I could save BIG $$ tying my own... suckers :D.

And, it's clear I don't have the capacity to kick the habit as I just bought a crap load more stuff at Sportsman Warehouse this weekend -- because it was on a super duper clearance sale and I could save even more $$. I pray most of you never suffer this sickness.

Oh well, the bench looks awesome and I found that hair stacker I'd been looking for ;) .

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I fall into the "sucker" category, and my fly bench is probably the worst of anyones, when it come to being disorganized and messy. I almost got it organized well enough to tie something up the other evening, but by the time I'd located the hooks I knew I had (misplaced somewhere under something), and dug out the dubbing (I remembered buying years ago), it was time to get some sleep!
Same here, though I never thought I was saving money.
I find myself passing on purchased flies in my box in favor of those I've tied.
Time at the bench is really relaxing I consider it all part of the same process. Not sure, but I think its all "fishing" , big blurry circle, watched the sunrise this morning at the butt end of my fly rod, in MA 9, saw a Minke whale, met an old German or Swede couldn't figure his accent, casting cut herring plugs, we joked with each other at our optimism.


Old Man

Just an Old Man
I quit tying. I could only tie up Elk Hair Caddis's half way good. Some what good on woven flies. But since I haven't tied up a fly in over five years I forgot how to.

So I gave all my tying materials away. Now when I want some flies, I give a certain tier a message and I get the flies I want in the mail. Plus I still buy flies.

Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
I am a sucker too.. The first time I showed Elizabeth my fly tying box I was greeted with "wow! You sure spent a lot of money to kill all sorts of different kinds of things.." If I figure a mean price of $4 per plastic bag, I probably have around $2500 bucks sitting there.. When I moved to Canada I gave away or threw out all but three of the medium moving boxes worth.