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The kids took off on a camping trip yesterday around noon. The door had hardly closed when Enlightened turned around and said, "so where are we fishing today?"Hmmmm? Where indeed?
I suggested checking out this desert spring creek that is supposedly loaded with big browns, but neither of us felt like hiking through the desert three miles in ninety plus degree heat, especially after baking in it the last few days boating and wakeboarding on lake roosevelt. So we decided Enlightened was going to learn carp fishing, and headed out to my favorite flats. I had little faith she would be successful on her first outing, but she was bound and determined to catch more carp than me. She waded right in, cast to the first cruising carp she saw, and to my surprise, the carp hoovered her fly. Something went wrong on the hookset, and before either of us could blink, that fish was making a wake clear across the flats. This happened before I could even get in the water. We cast to what carp we saw, but most were headed somewhere in a hurry and paid no attention to our flies.I suddenly noticed what I thought was a small tench hovering right in front of me. I flipped my fly out in front of it, and before I could manipulate my fly into position, the fish aggressively charged and clobbered it. No tench, it was a smallmouth. Nice surprise. I let it go, and started working my way over to Enlightened to tell her to pack up, the flat is barren, when I see a pig of a tench holed up in a depression. It was so close I nearly stepped on it. I was wading so stealthily, and it was facing away from me, it was completely unaware of my presence. I actually had to back up to dap for it. I dangled my fly directly in it's face, then slowly let it flutter to the bottom. The tench moved forward a couple inches and tipped down slightly. I lifted my rod tip ever so slightly, felt tension, and struck. Fish on.
Surveying the flats after tossing the tench up on the bank, I couldn't figure where all the carp went. This flat was usually crawling with'em. Then I saw them. Across the creek channel, in the grass I spotted a tailer, then another. The channel was about ten feet deep, so I put our valuables in my hat, slapped it back on and we swam it, holding our rods above the water. I couldn't believe the amount of tailers we found. There were dozens of feeding fish in the flooded grass. I was quickly into a smallish carp, but it fought like a heavyweight. I then witnessed Enlightened pull the fly out of at least three more fishes mouth, one pushing around twenty pounds. After she wandered back to the car mumbling something about "goddamned troutsets", I began casting into the deeper creek channel we had just swam through. It was too discolored to see what was in there, but I found it was loaded with pikeminnow. I proceeded to catch squaws every cast. They weren't big, between a foot and fourteen inches, but put up a decent tussle. After that we decided to head upriver and catch the evening caddis hatch and some wild bows. Instead we ran into a surprise thundershower that ruined the hatch.
I have pics, but can't get them uploaded due to the kids giving the computer a nasty virus.

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