FS 13’ Water Ready / JPW Cataraft FS

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13’ Water Ready / JPW Cataraft PRICE DROP
19” Jack’s Plastics Welded tubes
Two piece aluminum frame with leaning bar and hard waterproof flooring. Can be configured for 1 or 2 man use.
Foot release anchor system. Custom 4 fly rod rack. Storage tray for fishing gear/ fly boxes etc.
Sawyer oars and Cobra bronze oarlocks.
Boat is in practically new condition with embarrassingly little use. See pic of tube bottoms
Boat currently registered in CA.
Located an hour east of Sacramento


Ben Swaner

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Any idea if the guy who built your frame is still in business? I tried his website but the link was dead. i have A jacks plastic boat with a whitewater frame and would like a fishing frame as well.
Dennis, I'm intrigued by the straps that support the floor, any chance of a couple pictures of them? Been working up something similar to support a casting platform on my 14'er. Materials?
BTW, nice set-up, can't believe it's not sold. Do you have it on Kiene's?

Ed Call

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Dare I ask what the boat only price may be? There is nowhere to park another trailer at my place, but the boat I could fit in somewhere...
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