Musky Rod Advice

Looking for some advice on a single handed musky rod. Any price.

Thanks for any feedback you can offer! I've got a great two-handed Meiser rod, but am in need of a single handed rod for a few trips this summer.

Thanks again.


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I have fished for big Northerns to 43 inches. They are very similar to Muskies in size and strength and you do not want to be under gunned. Not to mention you will be throwing monster size flies.

I would recommend nothing shy of a 9 weight and I would probably use a 10 weight.
Thanks a lot for the tip. I should have specified...I'm looking for advice on any particular make/model of musky rod that people have thrown and liked. Most likely in the 9-11 weight range. Thanks again.


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Any 8 to 10weight med fast to fast rod will work. Have caught over 100 pike and Muskie on a 20 year old Loomis IMX 8wt mega. I also fish a newer Loomis NRX 10 wt too. TFO, sage, Winston....

Any brand will work. To be honest I 'd spend more time and resources studying habitat, structure, forage, patterns over a rod. And a good depth finder for boat and a lake map. Learn to throw a shooting head. I think a good 50 to 70 lb fluoro leader works better than a wire bite tippet. I make my own.

As you know they call Muskie the " fish of a 1000 casts" with conventional gear. Now add fly gear and can see the challenge. It is addictive.
Thanks for the tips, everyone. I'll poke around for another midwestern site. I used to visit the upper midwestern flyfishing site, but it closed. Thanks again. I've been fishing these for 25 years in MN; will be switching over to 100% on the fly this year and am looking for a single-handed rod to compliment the Meiser.

Thanks again.


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While looking around for more info on that rod I saw on Muskie Inc the largest fly caught hybrid and muskie were caught in WA.

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